Trebor Draffups - BA(Hons) Photography 2007
Artist (Art Nude Photographer)

fleur final 1
I was born in 1981 and lived in the UK (Midlands) most of my life, but I am well travelled and for this I am thankful. Variety is indeed the spice of life and I am grateful for an upbringing which offered me time, space and freedom to explore. I have a very open mind, laid back and a very understanding nature.

I attended Art Collage where I gained a Foundation Degree and then went onto University to achieve a BA Honours Degree in Photography, Art and Design.
Since graduating I worked mainly in 'Portrait' and 'Product' photography. My main passion though lies in Art Nude photography, where as of 2020 it is my sole focus.

From a young age I loved to draw. Whilst I was passionate about it, I found the process to be very slow. When introduced to the photographic medium, I was instantly drawn to its ability to capture an image in an instant. The ability of drawing with light seemed a seamless transition.

I favour the traditional approach to photography and have a passion for working in black and white. When I first started photography the only option was to use film. I am fully capable to develop and print using traditional methods. From this experience I believe it provides a greater understanding of the image making process.

Today, in the main I work digitally, having a preference to use vintage film lenses adapted to fit my digital camera body. Recently I have bought a number of vintage Polaroid film cameras, some of these works will be on the website soon enough.